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SCADA supervision page example

View HMI SCADA is the software package for supervision, control and data acquisition by Fast.

Completely reengineered and restyled, powerful and versatile, it is the ideal tool to create control, supervision and management application (MES) both for production plants and single stations (HMI). 

PlantView comes from Fast's long term experience and technological know-how: all the Plant View Suite applications are based on the OPC technology, the most up-to-date worldwide standard for interoperability in industrial automation and process control, assuring efficiency, robustness and ease in integration with any other application compliant with this standard.
PlantView makes extensive use of the Client/Server architecture built according Microsoft standards, so it can access directly to the most powerful Windows technologies in native mode.
The alignment with these widely diffuse standards is the best guarantee for investment, removing the risk of being outdated.

PlantView already successfully installed in many plants all over the world, comes out in its new version as an highly competitive product on the international market. It is designed both for the system designers, offering simplicity of use, a multilangual development environment and the fastest way to realize their projects, and for the final user, who are provided with a powerful interactive graphical interface, intuitively simple to use.

SCADA supervision page exampleIntegrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Thanks to an important agreement with Microsoft, PlantView 3 integrates the powerful Visual Basic for Application (VBA) development environment: this allows the developer to customize the supervisory software in various ways, so that every specific need can be met.

SCADA supervision page example Free integrated development system

The peculiar software architecture of PlantView 3 is such that the Run Time Module includes the Developing System so that any change of configuration can be executed immediately in the same software environment, thus simplifying the testing and configuration activities.
This allows for quick and effective project implementation, with evident savings in time and cost; the problems associated to double licence (for runtime and development) are avoided.

The development system is completely free. The runtime licence is offered in different commercial options, in order to optimize the customer's investment. In addition, Fast offers the opportunity to extend the software licence to a number of additional points, in order to facilitate the expansion of the project without costs and troubles for the customer.

Plant View is distributed by FAST S.p.A.
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